Willow Art

Moments of Visual Poetry

Welcome to  Willow Art


 Together, my husband and I, are Willow Art,  Willow and Padraig Green.


We’ve been married a very long time and we have 4+1 children; long story.


I am a painter who paints in oil; learning as I go, always learning.


padraig is  an artist/illustrator  working in Gouache and watercolor.


please feel free to visit our galleries. Should some piece touch your heart,
please contact us and let us know. We would love hearing from you.


I am  also a photographer who loves to capture moments in nature like; shooting

the ocean’s magic when it’s showing its power, or a flower at its most delicate,
or maybe capturing a surfer on a 40 foot wave.

The smell of the ocean takes my breath away.
I am in my element when surrounded by nature.


 I have recently completed a book off my adventures,
 "How Cool Is That? The Collected Ramblin’ Wisdom of a Little Red Headed Girl" 
This is available from Amazon.

Hard Cover edition coming soon

 I also started crocheting winter hats.

I only know one stitch, so I go in circles until I have a hat.


I hope you enjoy my art, it is my life.

May your world be filled with Harmony and Adventure...




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